Hui Pulama Mau Home

Santa Rosa Junior College's Hawaiʻi Community Organization. 

We are a small dedicated group comprised of Santa Rosa Junior College staff, faculty, and students, including local community members. We are located in Sonoma County, California.

What does the name mean?

Our organization name is a combination of several concepts with layered meanings.

Hui is a commonly used Hawaiian term for a club or organization. We are a group joined together for the purpose of preserving and perpetuating Hawaii cultural traditions.

Pūlama means torch and it also means to cherish, treasure, and “to care for.”

Mau also possesses multiple meanings but in our name, the intent is for Hawaii traditions to be unceasing, always cherished, particularly here on the continent.

Our name embodies three active goals: "We Cherish, Cultivate, and Promote Hawaiʻi Culture"

What is the mission statement of Hui Pūlama Mau?

The mission of Hui Pūlama Mau is to preserve and perpetuate Hawaii cultural traditions, a torch of enlightenment to dispel myths and misinformation about Hawaiʻi and Hawaii’s host culture, strengthening community, provide student mentorship, and cultivate the philosophy of “Live Aloha.”